The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major problems in the world. Chem-Dry provides necessary cleaning services and products to customers, it is considered an essential business. 

Franchise owners should protect their technicians and customers by using the proper personal protective equipment (PPEs). We can customize your artwork to specify exactly which types you will use during your cleanings (i.e. masks, gloves, booties, etc.)

Every area of the country has different levels of infection so if your area is too dangerous, please use caution to not spread the virus. Eventually, we will get back to normal and we want you to be ready to clean for all those who want it. Use these marketing materials to increase the awareness of your sanitizer services!

If you need any graphics for website, social media or other online advertising, we can create custom graphics for you.

Please check back as this section will continue to be updated with new materials!

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Hand Sanitizer
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