Chem-Dry & N-Hance Postcard Mailing Service:
We can mail postcards to your customer database. Our mailing service can save you a lot of money on postage too by saving you 9¢ per piece on postage!

For example, if you mail 2500 4×6″ cards, you would save $225 on postage. Our mailing service for 2500 postcards is only $159. That means overall, you are saving $66 and you don’t have to do all the work involved in labeling the cards and taking them to the post office.

*We print a special bar code on the cards that allows the post office to scan the cards rather than reading them by hand. This drops the postage rate down to 25-28¢ each from the 34-49¢ you would pay if you did it yourself. Not only do you save money but you are free run your franchise!

Approximate Postage: 26¢
(Current postage costs if you mail yourself)

If you don’t have a mailing list or you want to expand on your current list, you can purchase a Residential Mailing List targeting specific homeowners of your choosing!

Commercial Mailing Lists Here

If you have any questions on your specific job and how much you would save, give us a call: 858-270-1226