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N-Hance – Easy Tube Display

From: $584.10

Easy Tube Display

Sleek and Easy, our tension fabric systems are a great alternative to standard backwall displays. Quickly assembled in just 5 minutes, slide the tubes together to make the frame and lock in place with a push button snap. 

Stretch Fabric

w/End Caps

8' & 10' Curved & Straight Easy Tube

Click For Spec Sheets 

Display Styles

Optional Add Ons

Single Curved Counter


Single Curved Counter


Single Countertop


Silver LED Light
Hard Case


Item Price Discount Price
8ft Curved
8ft Straight
10ft Curved
10ft Straight
Item Price Discount Price
LED Lights
Hard Case
Single Curved Counter
Display Size

8ft Curved, 8ft Straight, 10ft Curved, 10ft Straight

Counter Display

None, Single Curved Counter Display

Optional Accessories

None, Silver LED Lights, Hard Case

Display Style

Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6, Style 7, Style 8, Style 9, Style 10, Style 11, Style 12


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N-Hance – Easy Tube Display
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