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Miracle Method – On Display Signs

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3mm PVC

1-Sided | Includes Velcro Tabs

On-Display Sign Types


Sign Price
Before & After (Set of 2) 7x3"
Feel It - Slip Resistant Surface 13x3"
Feel it 12x4"
Grab Bars 4x10"
Natural Accents 10x7"
Easy Step 11x9"
Tile Backsplash 12x8"
Tile Floors 15x10"
Countertops 15x10"
Laminate Vanities 18x9"
Cultured Marble Vanities 18x9"
Bathing Safety 17x11"
Bathtubs Tile Surround 18x13"
Fiberglass Tubs 18x13"
Showers Tile Surround 18x13
Leaking Tile Showers 18x15"
We Refinish List 21x13"
Mira Clean 24x18"
On Display Sign Type

Before & After (Set of 2) 7×3", Feel It – Slip Resistant Surface 13×3", Feel it 12×4", Grab Bars 4×10", Natural Accents 10×7", Easy Step 11×9", Tile Backsplash 12×8", Tile Floors 15×10", Countertops 15×10", Laminate Vanities 18×9", Cultured Marble Vanities 18×9", Bathing Safety 17×11", Bathtubs Tile Surround 18×13", Fiberglass Tubs 18×13", Showers Tile Surround 18×13", Leaking Tile Showers 18×15", We Refinish List 21×13", Mira Clean 24×18"


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Miracle Method – On Display Signs
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