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Precision – Car Magnets

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  1. Magnets are not always shipped flat, so it is highly recommended to lay them flat on the hood or roof of your car in the sun for a couple of hours before use. This will help evaporate any moisture build-up that accrued during shipment, if any, and it will help your magnets maintain a flat profile.
  2. Always place on a smooth surface. Make sure there’s no ridges or concave portions of your vehicle where airflow can get under the magnet. Also, we recommend using a squeegee starting at the front of the magnet to remove any air bubbles that be trapped under the magnet.
  3. Never place magnet on horizontal surfaces like roof of vehicle. Do not leave magnets on vehicle in very high or low temperatures.
  4. Be sure to clean both the car surface and magnet surface well before placing.
  5. It is recommended to clean both surfaces weekly to prevent condensation and other elements getting between the surfaces. Make sure both surfaces are always clean and dry.
  6. Not meant for highway driving. Though they may stay attached, we recommend removing them when driving on the highway.
  7. Please allow magnet to magnetize to your vehicle overnight before driving. Your magnet may detach if you do not allow ample time for magnetization.
Magnet Size Price
30″ x 12″
24″ x 18″
30″ x 18″
2-4 Magnets: 15% Off | 5-6 Magnets: 20% Off | 7+ Magnets: 25% Off
Car Magnet Size

30 x 12", 24 x 18", 30 x 18"

Order Size

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Car Magnet Style

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Precision – Car Magnets
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