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ChemDry – Banners

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High-Quality Vinyl Banners are Durable and Customizable.
Sq Ft Calculated = Height x Width
Example: 3ft x 8ft = 21 sq ft

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Vinyl Banners (Indoor or Outdoor Use)
13mil Scrim Vinyl, UV Ink, Waterproof and Scuff Resistant
Fabric Banners (Indoor Use):
9 oz Premium Polyester
Hemmed on All Four Sides with Grommets Every 2 Feet (Grommets in the Corners Only Also Available by Request)
Or you can get 2″ or 4″ pole pockets on the top and bottom or left and right sides at no additional cost
Banner Styles
You can modify these Chem-Dry Banner any way you wish. You can change any of the text, pictures & special offers at no extra charge!
Customer Vinyl Banner
Banner Dimensions
Outdoor Vinyl Banners
Custom printing (Max Size: 150 ft x 16 ft)
Indoor Vinyl Banners
Custom printing (Max Size: 10 ft x 59 inches)
Fabric Banners
Custom printing (Max Size: 9.16 ft x 30 ft)
Banner Type

Vinyl Banner (Indoor or Outdoor Use), Fabric Banner (Indoor Use)

Banner Size

Custom, 2 sq ft, 3 sq ft, 4 sq ft, 5 sq ft, 6 sq ft, 7 sq ft, 8 sq ft, 9 sq ft, 10 sq ft, 11 sq ft, 12 sq ft, 13 sq ft, 14 sq ft, 15 sq ft, 16 sq ft, 17 sq ft, 18 sq ft, 19 sq ft, 20 sq ft, 21 sq ft, 22 sq ft, 23 sq ft, 24 sq ft, 25 sq ft, 26 sq ft, 27 sq ft, 28 sq ft, 29 sq ft, 30 sq ft, 31 sq ft, 32 sq ft, 33 sq ft, 34 sq ft, 35 sq ft, 36 sq ft, 37 sq ft, 38 sq ft, 39 sq ft, 40 sq ft, 50 sq ft, 60 sq ft

Banner Style

Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6, Style 7, Style 8, Style 9, Style 10, Style 11, Style 12, Style 13, Style 14


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ChemDry – Banners
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