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Chemdry – Perforated Window Vinyl

From: $19.00

To calculate sq ft, multiply height x width.

If measuring in inches, divide total by 144.
For example 36″ x 72″ = 2,592 / 144 = 18 sq ft

Max Size Per Piece = 58″ x 120″
Custom design is included in the price!

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Perforated Window Vinyl

Clear removable acrylic adhesive 

Perforated Window Vinyl

Ideal for store fronts and vehicle windows while allowing you to see outside from the inside. A 6mil white flexible vinyl front with a clear removable acrylic adhesive back. You can add an optional 2mil optically clear laminate is available for protection against UV radiation, moisture, and abrasion. This perforated window film is designed for production of see through graphics for windows. This vinyl is 70/30 which means the open area is approximately 30% with a hole size of .060 inches (1.5 mm).

Franchise Examples


Size Price Per Sq Ft
Under 1ft
1-2 sq ft
2-5 sq ft
6-8 sq ft
9-20 sq ft
21-25 sq ft

Add Protective Laminate:
Under 2 ft: $5
2-8 sq ft: $10
9-10 sq ft: $15
11-20 sq ft: $25
21-25 sq ft: $30
26+ sq ft: $40
To calculate sq ft, multiply the dimensions.
For example, 3ft x 4ft = 12 sq ft.

Vinyl Size

1 sq ft, 2 sq ft, 3 sq ft, 4 sq ft, 5 sq ft, 6 sq ft, 7 sq ft, 8 sq ft, 9 sq ft, 10 sq ft, 11 sq ft, 12 sq ft, 13 sq ft, 14 sq ft, 15 sq ft, 16 sq ft, 17 sq ft, 18 sq ft, 19 sq ft, 20 sq ft

Protective Laminate

None, Protective Laminate


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Chemdry – Perforated Window Vinyl
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