Every Door Direct Mail – EDDM’s

Additional cost may apply for non-print ready artwork.
We can help walk you through the bundling and preparation process for the post office, or we can take care of the whole process for you!
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No mailing list necessary

Choose any area 

Low postage rate

EDDMs® Are a Great Way to Reach New Customers!

Just choose the mail routes you want to target and the post office will place one of these large advertisements in everyone’s mailbox! Click to see the routes in your serving area.

High-Quality Every Door Direct Mail® Printing

Print EDDM®-compliant postcards that fulfill the USPS’ requirements. This direct mail strategy lets you reach a specific demographic at affordable rates. You can easily promote your business and expand your current market reach. Just use the USPS’ mapping tool to see which postal route fits your potential customer profile based on demographic data like age range and household income. Once your postcards are ready, USPS will deliver your message to every address in the selected postal route.
Mailing lists still play an important role in casino advertising. A hundred years ago, mail advertising was one of the main ways to spread the word about new gambling establishments in Japan and Europe, and even now mailings using the EDDM strategy find their customers. Even some japanese online casinos, like テッドベットカジノ, use old advertising methods to attract older people who do not always live in the information field of the Internet. That is why postal mailings of advertising flyers and leaflets are still relevant for japanese online casino promotion.
This removes the need to upload a mailing list or include a postage permit. At Franchise Print Shop, we take care of every customization detail, from sizes that fit EDDM® postcard requirements to card stock that endures .

EDDM Examples

Order Quantity

500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000

EDDM Size & Thickness

8 x 6.5" (Postcard Thickness), 4.5 x 12" (Postcard Thickness), 8 x 11" (Flyer Thickness), 8 x 11" (Postcard Thickness), 9 x 12" (Flyer Thickness), 9 x 12" (Postcard Thickness)

Bundling & Mailing

None, Bundling Only, Full Bundling & Mailing


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Every Door Direct Mail – EDDM’s
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