Full Service Direct Mail Solutions

Franchise Print Shop is an expert at finding the best direct mail solution for your business. There are a few options to decide from with direct mail and the best solution depends on your marketing goals. You may want to blanket a whole area with your marketing message or you may want to select very specific recipients. We can handle everything: design, printing, list scrubbing, ink jetting addresses, and delivery to the post office.

Traditional Direct Mail

Traditional Direct Mail is often the most widely used form of direct mail. It involves sending your mail piece to a specific list of recipients. You can purchase a highly demographically targeted mailing list from us or use your own. With our mailing service, we filter out the duplicates and bad addresses, print each address with a specific barcode that makes your postage rate cheaper, and deliver them to the post office. Postage rates range from 27¢-48¢ depending on your mail piece and the class of mail you select. You can mail anything from postcards, letters, brochures, and magazines to highly customized complex marketing pieces.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDMs®)

Every Door Direct Mail® is a relatively new type of mailing that the post office offers. It gives you the opportunity to target certain geographic areas without needing a mailing list. The postage rate is much cheaper than normal direct mail and is good for new businesses trying to reach new customers in a certain area. There is one downside however in that you have to bundle and prepare the EDDMs® for the post office. We can walk you through that process though if you need help and do offer a bundling and preparation service though if you don’t have time or don’t want to do it yourself. Click here for more information on Every Door Direct Mail®.


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